Protein bowl with brown rice and quinoa, tofu/tempeh, smoky beans, tomato and coconut amino dressing

*We regret to inform you that
Coogee Refill is permanently closed.

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Consciously creating peaceful cuisine.

Why eat ordinary when you can eat with purpose. Your, 100% plant-based cafe in Coogee, is here.

At Coogee Refill, you won’t be labeled or pigeon-holed. Choosing to eat plant-based, even just once or twice a week, absolutely makes you a contributor, a valued keeper

of the garden.


And by making this simple choice, you’re actively helping to bring humanity closer together, to a more peaceful Earth.


Conscious nourishment is one of the ultimate acts of

self-care and environmental repair.


Make your everyday experience matter.

Our mission is to provide you with consistent, high-quality ingredients to nourish and enlighten your being, while simultaneously creating the change we seek. 


Our goal is not only to share a delicious dining experience but also to inspire your views on oneness, giving back, sustainability, and environmental impacts. It is possible to live a gentler, plant-based lifestyle, paying it forward where you can and help our local communities thrive.


We are abundant, we are inclusive, we are non-discriminatory and non-denominational. We are beings seeking to foster a sense of connectedness among the sea of individualism.


Alongside dining patrons,

we welcome people who need a meal for free. 

63A Dudley Street Australia, NSW 2034 |

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We believe that sourcing local, organic produce not only supports our wonderful food producers, but it also makes us better custodians of Earth.  

Hitman coffee by Ona
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Coogee Refill has partnered with ONA Coffee to bring you ethically sourced and distinctly unique variations of coffee. 

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Our venue supports activists, visionaries, and artists. Chat with us about holding your next group meeting here.

“You don’t have to be vegan to love plant-based food. Tread your own path.”

Marina; Owner Coogee Refill.

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